1-Put every dry fixing in your sustenance processor and mix for a few seconds. Exchange the dry fixings to a major bowl

2-Whisk the wet fixings (coconut drain and agave syrup) together in a bowl and pour it over the dry fixings. Give the blend a decent mix with your whisk (you can likewise utilize a hand blender on the off chance that you need

3-Mesh the zucchini (I utilized a medium one) with a grater and add it to the hitter. Mix with a spoon (don’t utilize a blender or nourishment processor)

4-Oil a 8-inch springform with some oil or line it with preparing paper. Empty the hitter into the springform and prepare it in the broiler at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for around 45 minutes (check the focal point of the cake with a toothpick following 40 minutes to check whether it’s cooked as of now)

5-Give the cake a chance to cool for something like 30 minutes. At that point deliberately cut cake layers with a major blade or utilize dental floss (as I did).

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